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Dollar Bills or Bombs

I was watching the Haiti Earthquake Relief television show when it came to me that Americans react exclusively to world events with either dollar bills or bombs. Yes there are doctors from the United States in Haiti, but if you look over the past 50 years, it has always been dollars that the U.S. Sent, and it never made any difference. The one constant in current world history is that Americans reach with dollars and not with people. Dollars don’t make change, people make change. Dollars have no compassion. Dollars go straight to those with greed in their hearts, and leave Haiti as quickly as they arrive.

The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan? That is not a people value. America is setting up infrastructure for industry, yes. Any natural resources are always raped by a foreign power occupies your country. America is simply building the roads, highways and ports to get the natural resources out of the country quickly. Is America making any changes to improve life and society? No. Of course not. America has no clue how to build a proper society. America has so many soldiers in those countries to make sure our own national unemployment does not reach critical levels. America has reacted to a bad economy with war for a very very long time.

So be careful when an American comes bearing gifts. Read the contracts carefully, the money always comes with contractual guarantees that industry and commerce become the rulers of your country.

If America used its human resources for improving its own society, we would have automated transportation, unified communications, national health care, and complete individual freedom from oppression.

Since America uses its human resources exclusively for capitalistic pursuits, we are slaves on the highways tied to steering wheels, we are destined for financial disaster when illness and old age set in, and living in fear of the public servants who are supposed to be our guardians.

I feel very strongly about this. In America, cops=internal revenue service =thugs.

America is the animal of competition. Competition itself is not bad. Its only when competition makes humans struggle to survive that it is inherently evil. Competition for food is a cruel and unusual game.

Help, I am Itia

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