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America’s lack of sexual education

Letter from Itia

Some days I try to think of you and what you may not have seen in American culture as important, but yet plays a critical role in world history.

All of you laugh at the sexually primitive American society. Americans know nothing of their own sexuality. They actually still believe that a fetus is either female or male from the point of conception. They think that gonads are only on boys and that girls have no prostate gland or remnants of the fetal penis. Men have no idea where the ovaries are on a woman. Most will point to the stomach. It is easy to make fun of them. Its like they have sex with an ultimate guilt complex and then are surprised when a baby develops.

Their primitive education on human sexuality is not an accident. I thought is was funny until I realized that the prudish, uneducated manner of Americans when it comes to the human anatomy, is caused by repression of science by the core religions of the United States. Once you realize that they have successfully disconnected humans from their very basic drives, you realize the potential of other horrible things that Americans, under the control of their churches, will do in the near future.

Over 100,000,000 Americans believe that we are in the end times. That means that they are all counting down the days before the next war to be fought at Israel. Why else would Americans kill over a million Muslims over the last 10 years, and occupy 4 strategic countries surrounding Israel. America has unlimited rights to the influx of soldiers in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The war is coming. It has nothing to do with any god, and everything to do with the completely insane way that Americans are being programmed when growing up. Repression of sexual education and an understanding of our basic drives, creates people with twisted senses of reality and in many cases insanity.

Help, I am Itia

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