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America is producing paranoid schizophrenics

Letter from Itia

I wanted to complete the thought of yesterday’s letter. The repression of education on human sexuality, and their methods for programming false information into their heads of their children has a dramatic effect on the society. America is raising paranoid schizophrenics. I know how extreme this sounds, so let me please explain it is a scientific and logical way.

One of the classic and tell tale signs of schizophrenia is having voices in your head that you perceive have power over you, and who you are to listen to all the time. This is happening to the majority of American Children. Their parents make them sit with their eyes closed and their hands pressed together listening for the voices in their head. For a small child, the requirement of listening for a god inside their heads at that young age is a catalyst for schizophrenia. Listen hard enough and your brain will create a voice. That voice will repeat to you all the instructions given to you by those who taught you as a child. As you grow up, this voice will become more disconnected to you and will eventually present itself as a god that controls your every action. This is how cults get their members to be so loyal and willing to commit atrocities against others. Welcome to Schizophrenic America.

But wait, were not done yet. We still have the massive paranoia of America. Remember my last letter? Over a hundred million believe in world war III in the next 7 years. That has been beaten into their heads for the past few generations. No one ever stands up and says, “Hey, shouldn’t seven years have been up 50 years ago???”. They all simply go about their lives with the nagging paranoia that the sky is going to fall soon and there is nothing they can do about it.

Now every psychiatrist will tell the schizophrenic that the voices do not have authority, but typically the schizophrenic will ignore the advice of the psychiatrist and simply respond with, “you don’t understand”. That is insanity.

Help, I am Itia

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