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Feeling Obama’s Pain

I feel so much pain from President Obama.

He represents the greatest possible act of power by the people of the country. Not only did the United States elect Obama, but the also elected a “super majority” in congress. Supposedly the country now had the ability to make the changes needed to curb the powers of the American corporate interests.

Unfortunately, the greatest act by the people has proven to be insignificant when compared to the power corporations. Obama’s Democrats were unable to make any of the changes they promised to the people. At every juncture, the corporations would buy off just enough ads on television, and scare just enough of congress to keep changes from happening.

All they had to do was delay. The American corporations know, with exacting specifications, the duration of rebellion in the American Citizen, as well as the amount of advertising and other programming methods it takes to sway the pendulum to the other extreme. Who wins does not matter. All that mattes is that whoever wins does not become powerful enough to dictate policy to the corporations. After all America is run by its corporations. Corporations legally hold more freedoms and federal protections than the citizens of the country.

Compounding our problem is the fact that the U.S. Ranks 18th out of the 36 industrialized countries of the world in education. Americans are not smart enough to realize their own predicament, and the corporations are making sure the education system remains inept to keep the status quo.

Help, I am Inside The Insane America

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