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The not-so-great human machine

Letter  from ItiA

The human machine.  We have exalted ourselves to such a high level of self gratification that we are blind to the reality of our simplicity and ignorance.  We make documentaries to ourselves like “The amazing human body” or “The great achievements of man”, but they are just propaganda.  We are simple machines.  We know how to use tools, but are limited in creation to duplicating only what we see.

Our fantastic cars are just locomotion by fire.  The same fire that cavemen used hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Nuclear power?  We don’t really harness nuclear energy.  We simply start another fire.  Nuclear reactors are not using the reaction, but the heat generated from the reaction.  We do not use 1% of the potential energy of the reaction.  We just use the heat to boil water and turn an electric engine.

Electric motors.  We simply noticed that magnets repel.  Our use of tools allows us to use that motion to create transportation.  Just like the combustion engine, when we first noticed that explosions moved things, we simply incorporated that into a piston chamber.

How about our space adventures?  Men in tin cans, blown to space by a controlled explosion.  Nothing special.  We feel gravity.  We measure gravity, but we cannot turn gravity on or off.

We are simply the human machine, running within the universal machine.  Nothing more, nothing special.  The reason I tell you this is because once you lose your concept of being exalted, being special, being noble, or being better than others, you will then lose your willingness to kill.  You will realize that a life is all anyone has, and no one has a right to take that away from them.

Help, I am ItiA

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