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Human Trafficking and American Media.

Letter from Itia

Human Trafficking. It is the new term to replace old term, slavery.  America was the center of the slave trade and now is the center of Human Trafficking.

Americans never really solve problems. They simply announce victory over a problem and then give the problem a new name if it comes back. A good example of this is President Bush’s announcement of victory in Iraq. After that day the term insurgents replaced combatants. I can almost hear the court arguments in my head.

“You are being tried as an insurgent, which has the same consequences as a spy because we decided to claim victory of the invasion of your country. No, your not a soldier anymore. Once we claimed victory you became an unauthorized fighter against the American way and we can keep you in prison without a trial forever.”

If you think that America has a conscience, look again. Abu Ghraib? The false flag attack of 9/11? The secret prisons in almost every country in the world? There is little difference between the United States and North Korea. The walls are the same. The blind worship of leaders is the same. Even the refusal to give any credence to the wisdom of all the other countries of the world is the same. Americans truly believe that they are head and shoulders above every other nation. Statistics, quality of life, and other indicators of the complete collapse of the American society are ignored. They have been replaced by delusions of grandeur.

We are #1. True. We are the number 1 killers of other human beings in the world. We are the number 1 exporter of poisonous gasses and other ecologically damaging chemicals, tools of warfare, weapons of mass destruction, and superstition. We are the number 1 buyers and sellers of human beings. Lastly, we are the #1 country of imprisoning its own people for non-violent offenses. Its really quite insane to think we are #1 at anything worthwhile.

Ouch, that was harsh.  Leaders are supposed to be held to a higher standard.  All of these statements are widely held, but unspoken truths.  I just brought them all together on one canvas because truth is accumulative.

Help, I am Itia

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