The American Dollar

Letter from Itia

The pitiful dollar bill. Did I mention how expensive it is to live in this Insane America? It costs almost 70 percent of my waking hours. I don’t count the time in money because the U.S. Dollar is worthless. You cannot compare value with something that is worthless. No gold, no silver, not even seashells back the U.S. Dollar. It is so simple and obvious as a pyramid scheme. All the money goes right back to those who printed it.

When Woodrow Wilson said Ok to the creation of the independent monetary system run by a group of bankers, it was a deal that was worse than the beads offered to the Indians to purchase Manhattan. In less than a century, those same banking interests have taken the U.S. Currency from a gold standard to a peer pressure standard. I call it a peer pressure standard because the only value that the U.S. Dollar has is exactly equal to the amount of pressure the U.S. Government can put on you to accept the worthless currency.

Many of the insane people who live around me have lost everything. They owe more on their home than it is worth in today’s market. Their stocks have dropped to half their value, and their retirement fund has taken the same type of hit. They trusted the pitiful dollar, and it led them like every other previous generation, through a time of plenty, only to have it all taken away again. The funniest part of the latest economic calamity is that the crazy Americans believe it is patriotic to suffer for the American Dollar, and that losing everything to keep the U.S. Dollar strong is worth it.

How insane is that? Believing that supporting the bankers of the federal reserve, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the United States, is patriotic. It is now unspoken, but understood in America, that the dollar is the new U.S. Constitution, and that the wisdom of our forefathers no longer applies.

Help, I am Itia

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