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American crimes against homosexuals

Letter from Itia

It was less than a decade ago when the U.S. Finally banned the prosecution of gay men for practicing sex. It was not a victory for the gay community. There is no more acceptance of gay men in America today than there was in 1950. The only difference is that women and people of color can now join the hatred for homosexuality in America. In 1950 women and people of color were silenced in the political process in America. Today they have been indoctrinated, and fall in step with the ignorant leadership of this country.

While the rest of the world is seemingly moving past many of its prejudices and irrational hatred of others who are different, but not America. Americans quickly stopped reporting on all the hatred towards President Obama by a large number of Americans due to his skin color. The quantity is overwhelming. The hate response in America is as quick as the gun slingers of the old west. If your not exactly white, male, and English speaking, you are a target for daily hate crimes.

It really confuses me as to how the gay community in America can see any progress. It is human nature that when the beatings stop, you become grateful for the lack of immediate pain. So it is with the gay community in America. They walk the streets with their heads held high because the have a pretty good feeling that they will not be physically assaulted. What a low standard of living, but a great epitaph of the American People.

“Just grateful not to be beaten today.”

Help, I am Itia

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