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Five Basic Human Rights

Letter from Itia

I am an old man. I have been around long enough to see that every “accomplishment” in the United States is simply foolishness. There are five basic human rights that in a world of human beings that would be considered sacred to all living humans. Nutrition, Health Care, Transportation, Communication, and Shelter. These are not rights in America, they are arenas of competition. All Americans struggle against each other for each of these basic human rights. Some win, some go hungry. Some win, some remain sick. Some win, some walk. Some win, some are broken away from communicating with their families.

Because America has made these human rights arenas of capitalism, Growth and evolution of the American society has become stagnant. Transportation is still based on 1912 technology. Health care is separated into two categories. The rich are healed and the poor are sold pain killers to manage the illness.

In the struggle for the human right that is most important, shelter, you should know that homes are not owned by Americans. Even if they have paid their homes off, they still pay between 2 and 4 percent of their homes value to the government each year. If you are paying so much to simply keep your home, it is only a matter of time before you cannot make the payment and the home is taken from you. This is true with every “never ending” re-occurring payment. Eventually you lose. That is how loan sharks work. That is how the American government works.

In short, Americans do not really own anything, they are locked into the vision of corporations that dominate each industry, and they have no plan for the future. Remember, they all think the world is ending in 7 years.

These insane Americans have come to believe that America is a capitalistic nation. Even though they have been taught a thousand times that we are a democracy, and that we can be capitalistic when it is best for our country, socialistic when it is best for our country, and communistic when it is best for our country. The corporations have convinced Americans that we are not a democracy, but a capitalistic nation.

If the very foundations of our country can be brain washed out of the minds of Americans, what hope do we have of ever regaining control of our country from the corporations?

Help, I am Itia

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