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Church Approved Drugs

Letter from Itia

Drugs. America LOVES drugs. All kinds of drugs. It is a passion fueled by a feeling worthlessness and a complete loss of belief in the future. Its really a practice in denial. I have come to believe that while Americans are ignorant of many things, but when you look at the drug use in America it seems obvious that Americans stay high to avoid dealing with reality of their society.

The most insane aspect of this epidemic is that in America, only church approved drugs are legal. Those drugs include caffeine, uppers, downers, nicotine, alcohol, and any prescription. They ban on all the natural drugs because the corporations cannot profit from them. Marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs used by Americans to cope with the insanity of society just as the church approved drugs are used, are illegal. This is more evidence that the churches of America are tied by the hip to the corporations of America.

America has over 1 million people in jail for non-violent offenses. Those in jail for use of natural drugs, logically, are there for tax evasion and not because of the drug they used. The American kids understand this and have found a way around it. Many of them no longer take the risk of buying the illegal drugs. They simply go to their mom and dad’s medicine cabinet, or even easier, go to the local drug store to purchase a more damaging cocktail of drugs to ingest.

Make no mistake. America is high. America is in a drug induced stupor. Corporations are fine with Americans being drugged up all the time as long as they are getting their profits from it. The more you know about our lost society, the more inclined you are to numb the pain of the failure of the country you love so much.

Help, I am Itia

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