Slave jobs

Letter from Itia

When Americans leave their family in search of a way to sustain their lives, they are met with choices of careers that will take up 70% of their awake time for the rest of their lives. In the battle between corporations and the public, the corporations have cornered the market. Working conditions in America have been on the decline for decades. Yet the idea of a job is still sacred to Americans. They don’t see the slavery.

There are exceptions to this rule There are a select few who accomplish wealth and freedom from a job. In fact those who are victorious are immortalized as chiefs of industry. They are the hollow belief that you as an American citizen will ever have a real life. Because the American attention span is so short, Americans never hear how the newly wealthy lose that wealth on average within 3 generations. We are all so focused on the prize that we fail to realize that we are just tools and our jobs are the location that industry uses us as tools until we break.

To hear a man of color tell his son that unless he gets a job, he is not a man, is heartbreaking. No sooner has the black man been set free from chains than he turns to his son and demands he become a slave to a corporation. Technically the son can quit a job, but would he really disappoint his father like that? No. Once he chooses his form of slavery, he is locked into it by the very people who raised him.

The only more pathetic think I can think of than a black man telling his son that he must become a slave to a job is a black man telling his son that he must worship the god that the slave master beat into his great great great grandfather by whipping him into submission.

Worshiping the god of those who violently erased your history is the sign of a defeated culture. The African Americans will never really be Americans. White America will never call them Americans. They will always add a stigma like “African” before the title to show a lesser race. The only respect is “good boy” to those who kept their mouth shut, their head down and made it to work on time every day. Its really quite insane.

Help, I am Itia

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