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Letter from Itia

I had lunch today with a quite beautiful woman. It was a great pleasure just to look at her, and the lunch would have been a nirvana for me except for her inability to hide the emotional scars on her face.

It amazes me at how proficient the American society has become at keeping women subservient to men. I try not to think on this much because after all, I am a man who has been programmed by the same media push to make women subservient to me. It is only by continuous conscious decision making that I keep women as equal human beings. Here is my short list the things I FIGHT AGAINST to achieve my personal goal of equality with women.

  1. The belief that, in the world of incredibly powerful machines, that the strength of the male human form has any bearing on its proper position of honor among human beings.
  2. The belief that a god created me as the dominant creature and women were created from my body to serve me.
  3. The belief that because the testosterone in my body makes me more aggressive that I am naturally the the master.
  4. The belief that just because I desire it, I should have it

To be honest, I would fail in my efforts if it were not for the obvious characteristics of American women. I mentioned the emotional scars on their faces from past sexual, physical and emotional abuse, but there is also a much more subtle characteristic that shows the level of abuse against women in America. Women here are very good a small talk and talk of rumors concerning other people. Discussing anything more serious risks exposing their past, or even worse disclosing the very details of the abuse. It is that characteristic that keeps me in line with my goals. Try to have a personal discussion with an American woman and you will see the insanity of the abuse against women in America. It is in their silence and small talk that the truth is hidden.

Help, I am Itia

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