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The working class

Letter from Itia

It has always been very simple for me. If a society values life, then if you hire another human being to do your work for you, you will go broke. On the contrary, if a society places no value on life, then hiring other human beings to do your work for you will make you rich.

How quickly you forget that the United States was raised to power on the backs of slaves. After slavery, it was endured servants and then when industry replaced agriculture as the mainstay of the American economy, the same design template for slaves and indentured servants was applied to workers. America thinks it is a capitalistic country, but when you look at the employment statistics, it doesn’t look like one.

With over half the population working for the government in a direct role, a military role, or a government contractor role, 30% of the rest working for poverty wages, 10% being out of work completely, and the other 10% being incredibly comfortable and wealthy, Americans are trapped.

Because only the very wealthy have the ability to broadcast their views, Americans are doomed to being programmed mentally towards the whims of the wealthy. Its like voluntary slavery. Without the mental ability to fight the programming they simply puke back up the programming every time they speak. I will have to share my talk box observations in another letter.

The television programs here in the United States are full of people screaming their agenda into your home. The movies try to show the insanity, but the public just sees movies as entertainment, so the social pattern never changes.

Help, I am Itia

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