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The change in opinion on taxes

Letter from Itia

Taxes. I remember as a child that most of the Americans would pay taxes in a very patriotic way. They were convinced that their taxes were being used for a good cause. They weren’t always happy about the amount, but they were sure it was going to a good cause. The same kind of blind faith that the Catholics used to have about giving money to their church. I don’t remember when that changed, but I do know that today, paying taxes is nothing like it used to be.

The conservatives are all threatening to not pay their taxes because too much of it is being spent on programs for the poor. The liberals are not threatening to not pay their taxes because much of it is being spent on wars and killing. All the corporations have highly paid tax consultants to minimize their taxes.

I can’t say I blame any of them. The conservatives, even though they are the violently insane group in American politics, do have a point that they have lost much of their savings. What they don’t realize is that they lost it as a result of their own programs and laws. The American economy went to the toilet while the conservatives were in power and making all the laws.

The liberals will always help us minimize the damage of the conservatives as far as the taking of human life, but when given the chance they do not seem to have the ability to change any of the bad corporate laws in America.

The corporations? Well lets just say that the rats are always the first one to jump ship. American corporations found safer havens than America over the past 20 years. Even the backbones of America, the car makers, are all doing well overseas and letting their U.S. operations suffer.

The sad thing is that even as these groups fight with words and guns, they are all ignoring the key culprit in this American insanity. The Federal Reserve, that group of 8 bankers, got over 5 Trillion in debt payments from the U.S. In 2009, which makes those 8 bankers the number 3 country in the world for Gross Domestic Product, even more wealth than China or Japan.

Just 8 bankers who hijacked the American economy during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. That is insane.

Help, I am Itia

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