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Rush Limbaugh the propagandist

Letter from Itia

The man with the cigar in his mouth. I see him as I pass the conservative channel on my television on the way to watching a little football (soccer). His name is Rush Limbaugh and he has started a group called the “tea baggers”. Its one of the funniest faux pas of the decade. The group is made up, almost exclusively, of older Americans. One thing is for sure, none of them play video games. If they understood that “tea bagging” meant the act of placing your testicles on the face of someone you killed in a shooting game, they might have chosen a different name.

Every time he speaks, I can only imagine a bunch of loose skinned old farts running around naked, trying to put their testicles on dead peoples faces. Too funny.

The man with the cigar is not a reporter. He is a propaganda speaker. He is very effective at putting fear and hate into the people who listen to him. I know that at the end of World War II, America did capture, and take back to the States, documents and instructions from Joseph Geobbels on how to successfully run a propaganda campaign on your own country. Listening to the man with the cigar, it sounds like he is reading directly from the playbook!

I use to listen to my grandfather tell me about the things that happened in Germany before and during World War II. I can still hear my grandfather’s voice and the fear in his eyes when he talked about Goebbels. I didn’t understand his fear then, and I didn’t think I ever would understand it. I didn’t think I would be living through the WWII propaganda sequel here in America.

Help, I am Itia

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