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The Great Detroit

Letter from Itia

Detroit Michigan, home of the slave based assembly line. Don’t teach people to be craftsman, teach them to do one idiotic and repetitive job, pay them almost nothing, and keep all the money for yourself. The captains of industry in America are not very smart. They are just more willing to pinch every penny out of the workers as possible.

In our short history, there was a time in which the workers of Detroit stood up against the captains of industry. Many were killed, many were jailed, and in the end they lost their jobs and the companies moved overseas to places where the workers could not revolt. Yes it took 60 years for that to happen, and that is way beyond the capabilities of the American public to comprehend, but it is an undeniable series of events that were acted on to punish American workers.

It may be difficult to understand, but the difference in perception for the workers of America and the captains of industry in America is the difference between weeks and years. Those who think in weeks are destined to fail against those who plan in years.

I had a chance to visit Detroit last year. There is no better built city in America. The infrastructure in Detroit supports four times the typical load limit of trucks in other cities in the United States. There are thousands of empty factories, tens of thousands of pieces of manufacturing equipment just sitting in the buildings ready to be used again. No one is interested. The industry is gone. They won’t be coming back because they have found their slavery Nirvanas in other countries.

So in the end, the city that gave itself completely to the captains of industry in America is now sitting dormant and rotting. That’s capitalism, “American Style”! That’s insane.

Help, I am Itia

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