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End Times, Dome of the Rock

Letter from Itia

I got your letter about Christians. Yes, I know your story of the end of the world. I was once a Christian, and unlike most Christians, I read the bible to fully understand my religion. Here is what you need to explain to them to get them off your back.

There is many huge holes in the Christian “end of the world” story, but one in particular makes me laugh. Christians think that those who are against them will gain power, and will eventually stand at the place of Solomon’s old temple, now the Islamic “Dome of the rock”, and declare a new world religion. This is hilarious. The last things that agnostics and atheists want is a new religion. We are all just sitting by while Christians, Muslims and Jews do all the killing. The thought that we want to repeat the last 5000+ years of religious insanity is inconceivable.

So the next time a Christian tells you that you are the enemy and that you will create a new religion to try to defeat their god, tell them that Israel is proving itself to be the playground for the criminally insane. Tell them we will start listening to what they have to say the FIRST day they can go without killing someone. Actually, not really. We will start listening to them when the apply the scientific method to their own beliefs.

We all know that will never happen. Christians are insane. America is run by Christians who believe the end of the world is coming. They are going to make Armageddon happen whether a god is involved or not.

Help, I am Itia

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