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Letter from Itia

There are many Americans that I love dearly. I think the thing that attracts me most to them is their honesty and a belief in individual freedoms. These are the silent people in America. They cannot be heard because they don’t live their lives screaming.

America has an old saying, “Put you best foot forward”. It means than when you show yourself to others, make sure you are showing your best. Americans have one way of showing themselves to the rest of the country and to the world. It is no longer books or interpersonal communications, it is strictly mass communications. Historically, it was radio, then television, and now the Internet.

When radio was dominant, there was a respect for the listener. Many Americans remember the broadcast of Orson Welles, “The War of the Worlds”. The impact it had on the American public was not lost by show producers. Dopamines and Serotonin are the chemicals that they sought to get the brain pumping. They didn’t even know the names of the brain chemicals back then. They simply were trying to get more people to watch the show, and more people to buy the product. With loud voices and happy people they could get the Dopamine pumping, and with fear and apprehension they could get the Serotonin pumping.

Now any good infomercial producer will tell you that Dopamines only last for 3 minutes. That is why they try to get you to buy NOW NOW NOW. On the other hand, Serotonin can have a long term reaction. That means that fear will outsell joy dozens of times over.

When sales dropped, as they always do in American Capitalism cycles, the television broadcasters turned to fear to get the audience. If you look at America’s “Best Foot Forward” today, all you see is a cancerous foot soaked with the foul smell of fear. Its what we are subjected to all day, every day by American media providers. Thank you Rush Limbaugh. Thank you Glenn Beck.

America is afraid. Its not because of any enemy, economic, or political issue. It is simply because it is how we are being programmed. It is quite insane.

Help, I am Itia

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