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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Letter from ItiA

There is a book that was published here in the United States called , “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Its a story about American families and how the children always end up spending time with the parent (or non-parent) that has the most money. I believe it is world wide now, which is quite a shame. That is just more export of poison from this insane culture.

America is more confused about the concept of a family than it is about almost any other subject. The same people who are claiming that the structure of the American family is being torn apart. What they don’t understand is that they are the ones tearing it apart.

A good example of this is a news story out of the state of Texas this week. Texas is one of those states that is so high on itself that they cannot bring themselves to listen to reason on any subject that may prove that some of their ideas are wrong. Both Bush presidents were from Texas. Enough said! So in this news article, a teacher is going to be fired for answering questions about sex that students asked in school. What am I missing? Aren’t teachers paid to tell kids the truth? I truly believe that every woman in Texas that stood up against these teachers is themselves a victim of sexual abuse. There is no other reason for the anger than that these women want the girls who asked these questions to not know about the horror of sex in Texas.

Family structure in America? There is no family in America. Kids go to the highest bidder. Marriage is a ticket for a woman to improve themselves financially. Sexuality is not discussed in public. The perfect cocktail for insanity.

Help, I am Itia

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