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Human Programming Language

Letter from Itia

Human programming language. Its an American specialty. How to utilize existing stereotypes, instilled by parents, and twist them in mass media to alter the perceptions of the viewers. In simple terms, pervert something your parents taught you in a way that your opinions change.

There are many stereotypes that you parents forced into your brains. Priests and pastors are servants of god, do what they say. Police officers are here to protect you. Eat vegetables and you will be healthy. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t trust ____________ people. Whether these are valid or not, the fact is that they are in the core of your decision making process.

Now enter American television. It is the biggest difference between Nazi Germany and present day America. It is the reason why the extremists in America will succeed where Hitler failed. Put a man or a woman in a black gown and place them behind a tall desk, and from what your parents forced into your heads, you are guaranteed to bow to the authority of this person. They are a judge. When you were growing up, you were taught that they are powerful people who you do not question.

So what did the American extremists do? The found people who would pose as a judge. Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Hatchett, and others are simply actors who do what their producers tell them. Every time you see them you will see the same human programing routine. Without fail, they beat on anyone who dares to dream, dares to avoid the slavery of a job, or who do not have the money to meet a need.

Judge Joe Brown is particularly good at spouting the propaganda of American extremist movement. He switches cultures like a chameleon changes color, trying to get all people to step in line for worthless unfulfilled lives. Anyone who thinks that television is not the great human programming machine is insane.

Help, I am Itia

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