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Fear to the point of insanity

Letter from ItiA

All psychologists should be documenting and studying the current American society. America has over dosed on fear, and have become subject to the simplest of mass hysteria.

Today the press was talking about how some people claimed that because a would-be civilian aircraft bomber was given due process instead of the torture we used in Iraq, valuable “terrorist” information was lost. Crowds of simple minded people are in an uproar about not being able to lynch the man. They hate that we are giving this person a trial, and horrified that we are giving this man the same rights as every other person.

Human rights. What ever happened to them? When did we become so weak that an enemy could make us become hateful towards others and hateful towards our own country? Our enemy does not even have a country, but they have turned our country into a stupid, angry mob that listens to every word of fear and hatred broadcast by our media distribution outlets.

I am not used to thinking of America as “a nation afraid of its own shadow”. We are so afraid that we are fractured into a thousand pieces. Each piece separated by skin color, then by wealth, then by superstition/religion. I never dreamed that we as humans still had the ability, as a society, to fear to the point of insanity.

Help, I am ItiA

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