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American Public Transportation

Letter from ItiA

In case you had not noticed, public transportation in America is completely different than public transportation in the rest of the world.   American public transportation is never on time and is more of a punishment for being poor than an honest form of mass transportation.  I have always felt sorry for those forced to ride public transportation in America, but that is not the purpose of this letter.

I want to be the first to let you know that with the exception of a few subway systems, NO public transportation system in the United States has EVER saved 1 single gallon of gasoline.  There are mountains of research that say otherwise, but the math behind it is the math of a grade school student.

Americans live with tunnel vision and programmed thought processes.  Those who did the research simply calculated the ridership, the points of access of each rider and then calculated the gas saved if those individuals had driven alone in a mid sized car instead of using the public transportation system.  Fools.  They ignored the variables of the cars that are already on the road.

All American public transportation was never built in to avoid intersections with traffic.  Instead there are more than 137,000 railroad intersections with automobile traffic.  Instead of decreasing oil consumption, the designers of the railroads have hit as many roads as possible.  Consumers end up paying the bill.  They are the ones burning all the fuel at the crossings.

Then there are busses.  Cars burn more gas stopping and starting than they do running at a consistent speed.  Busses are road clogging monsters.  The amount of gas burned trying to navigate around a bus times the thousands of cars that do it to  each bus every day, equals more fuel burned than without busses.

So if you think that America will EVER have automated transportation, think again.  For the same reason busses travel every major street at slow speeds, stopping and restarting traffic, and trains intersecting every possible street without tunnels or bridges, the fuel savings of an automated transportation system is unthinkable for the greedy business barons of the U.S.

Help, I am ItiA

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