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Definition of Capitalism

Letter from ItiA Hello.

I was in a Walmart today and purchased a tube of meat called Turkey Taco Meat. I grabbed it because it sounded healthier than the ground beef tacos that I have been eating. When I got home I decided to have it for dinner and sliced open the tube. Out oozed a goo the exact consistency of dog crap, with a pungent odor of imitation paprika and chiles.

As I began to cook the goo, I read the fine print on the package. “Mechanically Separated turkey meat.” The subtle odor of the fleshy substances they derived from a turkey carcass through mechanical means, the toe meat, marrow, and anything else that dropped off a turkey when steamed and brushed, all began to fill the room. The imitation spices could not hide it. I immediately took it off the stove, dumped it in the garbage disposal, and drowned the pan with orange scented dish soap.

The next time I go to Walmart, I will have to keep an eye out for the trick in the price. The fact that the cheap foods are sub standard to my pallet, but are being consumed by the poorest of poor in America, makes me realize that we are hiding our own 3rd world country within our own borders Companies realized this trend towards a 3rd world economy long ago. They already sell a dollar tube of turkey parts that will feed and sicken your family of four on Walmart shelves today.

Do you get that example of how when capitalism makes people compete for food, people suffer tremendously? Do you get that food is something that makes life livable? Why would you dream of forcing a person to eat that crap I purchased at Walmart?

Not EVERYTHING in life has to be a competition. People DO NOT have to suffer like they are today. High quality fruits and vegetables can be grown locally, 100% automated, and 100% free to operate once it is built. 100% solar and wind power generation with self maintenance. Its time to just give the people the basics of life so we can evolve instead of wasting our species on pockets full of paper and war. It is really quite insane.

Help, I am ItiA

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