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Religious Plagiarism (Introduction)

Letter from ItiA

In case I haven’t already told you, I have only been seeing the American culture from the outside for a little under 6 years. Before then I was a Bible thumping Christian. It was not until I started reading books from all studies, mathematics, physics, foreign culture, world religions and of course Mr. Darwin’s wonderful observations, that I realized my programming was a load of crap. I was a robotic follower of an old Jewish superstition that was duplicated from the Egyptian god Osiris, and before that the Epic of Gilgamesh. You remember the flood, right? Here is what is similar between the flood in the bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh (written before the bible by thousands of years)

  1. Flood occurs in the Mesopotamian plain.
  2. Main character is warned to build a boat to escape the flood
  3. Main character is told to save himself, his family, and a sampling of animals
  4. The boats were sealed with tar
  5. The boats came to rest on a mountain
  6. Birds were released to determine if the waters receded
  7. Main character sacrificed an offering

Not to hard to see that the book I believed in was a plagiarism of an earlier religion.  The flood is just the beginning fo the plagiarism.  Every story you know about Jesus was taken directly from older religions.

You want to know the crazy beliefs I had as a result of a faith in a higher being, a being that had a plan for my life, a being that was coming back to us during my lifetime, and a being that could forgive my every evil action as long as I was sorry that I did it? I will let you know tomorrow. Gotta go.

Help, I am ItiA (Inside the insane America)

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