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Christian blindness towards women

Letter from ItiA

Oh, Mountain Dew was not a good enough example for you concerning my life as a Christian?

Ok, I will go deep. Christianity was a pair of blinders towards the life of a woman. The bible gives great detail on the purpose and uses of women. No matter what a woman was in reality, I always looked at her through the words of the bible. I owned her. She was “given to me” by her father. The Bible says she is to “subjugate herself to me”, that “her body belonged to me”, and “it was a sin for her to keep her body from me when I desired her”. It also told me to not “sleep with her” while she is having a period. Most men in the Bible slept with multiple women or no women at all. Women in the Bible sat at the feet of their men, slept at the feet of the men, and did not speak or question their men in public. Can you see what I see?

I was married 3 times. I don’t blame any of them for escaping the reality of marriage. It was always ok when I had great cash flow, but being a slave to me when I was not bringing home enough money was reason enough for them to find a bigger, better deal. The one who loved me the most took a professional job herself instead of becoming a slave again.

Now I am walking around with open eyes. I have tremendous pity for most American women who are married. I also have remorse from my lifestyle as a Christian, and now I suffer that remorse because I no longer have anyone to ask for forgiveness. I am beholden to my own actions. I am finally a man.

Help, I am ItiA (Inside the insane America)

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