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New American Voting Ballot

Letter from ItiA

I posted a new video on YouTube today. The video is entitled Election Ballot, American Democracy 2012, and it offers a simplified balloting system could be used by the government in the next presidential election. I simplified it for them so that they could better let the voter know the current choices.

Although the concept and practices of politics today in the United States are drastically different than the practices of the first generation Americans, the term democracy has never been altered to show the changes. I believe it is time to start calling the current system in the United States as “Party Politics”. Americans use these words all the time to describe their current government, but have never adopted it as a formal term to describe American government 2010.

I think the name fits. America does not have a democratic process in which an individual becomes a public servant. America simply votes on a party and the party chooses who its leaders will be. A great example of this is Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney became the Vice President under George W. Bush as a return favor from George’s dad. If Dick Cheney ran for office on his own merits and history, no one in America would vote for him. We all knew how destructive a person he was and that his only method of getting into government was to be the quiet whisper in the ears of those who could win public election. Without the Republican Party’s masterful focus on the young George W. Bush, and not the evil vice president sitting besides him. It is a real credit to their ability to control media.

So America is the great Party Politics Experiment. The former America, the modern democracy experiment, ended when the government began voting against the best interest of the people somewhere around the turn of the century (1900-1910). This coincides with the time that the two party system became so dominant that no independent candidate could challenge them.

With only two parties to control, it is only a matter of time before a significant financial interest controls both parties, and therefore controls the government. Democracy is almost impossible to defeat, but controlling a two party system of Party Politics is relatively easy. Not understanding that is pure insanity.

P.S. : Do you know how to tell when a political party is not trying to lead, but simply following directions? They use meaningless phrases that sound huge and life altering, but in reality do nothing because there is no measurable achievements listed. Here are some examples:

Make government smaller.

Strengthen our borders

Stop Nuclear proliferation

Rebuild the nations infrastructure

Create more jobs

Lower taxes

Improve education

Improve working conditions.

All these statements are meaningless. Just flag waving statements to win votes, with absolutely nothing to be held accountable. Any statistics professor could make up statistics that prove you did your job on any of these claims without you having ever lifted a finger.

Help, I am ItiA (Inside the insane America)

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