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The Human Programming Language (HPL) and Christianity

Letter from ItiA

Today is a day for another fine example of the Human Programming Language.

It was only 100 years ago, or less, that pure capitalists hated Christians. Christians were the core of the socialistic movement. They were so concerned about their fellow citizens that they were credited with organizing the soup lines during the depression, pushing prohibition through to try people from abusing alcohol, and the socialist organization “The Salvation Army”.

Today, those same Christians, are pushing the Tea Baggers Party, advocating small government, no benefits to being American, and pure competition for everything available for sale. These people have been programmed away from their own religion, to a fervent nationalistic belief system. This is NOT a natural progression. These people have made a mental change from self abasement to self indulgence. This could only be accomplished by successfully marketing the concepts to the Christians over time.

Why this example of the Human Programming Language (HPL)?

HPL requires a subroutine (suggestion) and Interface Access to the Hard Drive (Being open to suggestion.) This example is important because it is the best example of what can happen when people live open to suggestion from their leaders and trusted “news” sources. What programmers figured out is that it is much easier to run a much more complex program on a person who is open to suggestion, then to run even a simple program on a person who independently considers the suggestion. An mind that is open to suggestion is a mind that has given the “stamp of truth” to various sources of input like television hosts, preachers, or bible scholars”.

Smart programming dictates that if you want to gain control of a civilization by use of HPL, you would find the fewest number of cultures necessary to gain the majority, and move to program the people in those cultures to your way of thinking. The answer for the United States was easy. Christianity held the majority role in this country regardless of what race came to majority or power.

Thus began the HPL program to change the pillars of the foundation of Christianity from a socialist viewpoint, to a pure competition capitalist viewpoint. It has been an amazing transformation. Every belief they held for themselves; humility, self denial, common good, desire to be as poor as everyone else, and a required peace have all been deleted. The new belief systems: superior, chosen by a god, eternal beings, rulers of the future world, ability to kill others, ability to participate in wars, desire for wealth, and desire for political power are all well entrenched in their thought process. All done in plain sight. All changes accepted willingly.

All the attributes that made the insane Christian religion palatable are now gone. Now they are just insane, angry, and out for blood.

Help, I am ItiA (Inside the insane America)

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