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Christian Parables for Today

Letter from ItiA

I was reading the bible yesterday.  LOL  Yes I like reading fiction.

I was looking at the parables of their Christ.  Some of them are interesting.  Some of them outline a healthy society where people are concerned about others.  That is not the case here in the United States.  That is not the case in our society, so I thought I would rewrite one of them to fit our lifestyle.

When I was hungry, you made me compete for food.

When I was naked, you sexually abused me.

When I was cold, you came to my country and murdered my family.

When I was lost, you told me lies to make me more lost.

You are the American Christian.

Unfortunately there is no afterlife to punish the Christians for their sins against humanity.  We must simply suffer their greed, perversions, and murder until generations later, their descendants will see the insanity of their concept of life and put religion where it belongs…..in the graves of all our pre-human ancestors.

Life with American Christians is insane.

Help, I am ItiA

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