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Seven habits of highly successful Americans.

Seven habits of highly successful Americans.

I recently read some books on marketing and selling.  In a country that is supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press, these marketing books seem to be missing their most important habits of the Americans that I see with success.

I think they have purposefully omitted them so that they would sell more books.  After all, the goal of the person writing the book IS NOT to have you sell more, or to have you accumulate wealth.  The goal of the book is to accumulate wealth for the author.  The idea that only good and accurate financial books sell well is insane.  In fact, reviewing most financial books of the last 50 years, you will find that the advice will most likely cost you all of your wealth.

That is why they leave out the critical information, and why you never seem to succeed in business here in America.  The truth is that habits do not create success in America.  Lies create success in America.  The only way to get ahead is to deceive your opponent.  After all, this is business.  This is capitalism.  The idea of winning with respect and honor do not exist in American capitalism.  It’s not because of bad ethics in America.  It simply is a result of how the markets compete for the same dollars of revenue.  Relationships are based on cash flow.  The idea of friendship in business is a joke for the simple minded.

Here is how to get ahead.

1)       Religion.  Always say, “I feel like god has put us together for a purpose.”   Remember, the person you are dealing with has been programmed his/her whole life that god is in charge, and god puts people in front of them for his will.  Your announcement that you think god put you together with this person gives you an automatic “in” and trust base with this person.

2)      Due diligence.  Every business plan and sales pitch you have ever heard in the United States is at  best only partially true.  If you do not put in the money and time to research the person you are dealing with, you will always get taken.  This person offering to do business with you has been raised to believe that they are entitled, favored by god, and destined for great things.  You are simply a bump in the road, or a coat tail to grab.  One you find the dirt on that person, don’t hide it.  Put it right in front of them.  If they yell and scream and run out of the room, that means that they were really trying to con you.  If they apologize for misleading you and ask your forgiveness, they are still trying to con you, but this is the point at which you can take advantage of them.  Remember, American business only cares who wins.  Nothing else matters.

The other 5 Habits of Successful Americans tomorrow.

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