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More habits of highly successful Americans

More habits of successful Americans.

Stay away from investors:  American investors typically take between 60 and 90 percent of your business for investing.  Once the government said OK to allowing investors to take whatever they wanted for the few dollars they put in, it was the end of any investment community worth considering.  American investors are the pinnacle of laziness.  No work, no effort, just a few dollars at loan shark rates and holding the owners of the business they invested in as slaves until the business fails or they can cash out to the public stock exchange.

Sell to the American addictions:  Americans spend most of their cash flow on sex, drugs, and all forms of entertainment.  Do not try to improve their lives.  They are not interested.  Don’t come up with a better way of doing something unless it gets them more sex, more drugs or more entertainment.  Unless it is one of those, they will not buy it.  Just look at all the wealthiest families in the United States.  They all came from owning slaves, smuggling goods, or selling addictive substances.

Stay away from partners AND family:  Since everyone in America is an extreme capitalist, there is no room for trust of another, or trust of your family.  Everyone has the same goal.  Interestingly, it is the same goal as pirates…”Take what you can and give nothing back”

Move to politics as quickly as possible :  As you realize success and wealth you enter a whole new game.  The game is now not “lets make money”, but rather, “lets keep our money and take money from others”.  Be sure that now that you have wealth, tens of thousands of dollars are being spent on marketing towards you personally, every year, to get that money away from you.  Only by getting into politics and working with the big money can you ever hope to stay rich.  On average wealth is lost within 3 generations of your family.

The end game:  Finally, you are uber-wealthy.  You have political power and government contracts for a long lasting cash flow for your family.  Now is the time to take the last big step that all the captains of industry in America take to secure the ultimate American success.  Start promoting and selling products in the industry of war.  Bottom line:  American elite ALL keep their fortunes growing by supplying the needs for both sides of every war.

There you have it.  The REAL 7 habits to make you a successful, wealthy American.

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