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Your Life Goals

Letter from ItiA

To put it simply, a life is not a life unless you have benefitted future society.  Unless you do something that will create a better life for the future, you have wasted your life.  Your religion, political affiliation, or the wealth of your culture or you personal wealth have nothing to do with that goal.  You need to build something, through the labor of your hands that will make the location in which it is found a better place.

Let me open your eyes further.  “To build something is to create something where nothing existed before.”  This can be accomplished through placing things together in such a way that you are making life more pleasant, convenient, or easier for future generations.  This can also be accomplished by your physical presence at a location.  Whether you are simply providing increased security in locations of high risk, or you are speaking peace and love with conviction in one of many unobtrusive ways both verbal and non-verbal.

That’s it.  No money, no extreme organization, no heroes, just simple creation of something that benefitted future society.  That is your whole goal in life.

I am so sorry that we live in a society that takes 80% or more of the time that you could be putting towards this goal from you.  You sit in your cubicle making someone else paper money, that is backed by nothing, and will someday soon will lose its perceived value completely.

I wish I could wake you up and simply watch the wondrous things you could build.  The way they keep you asleep is insane.

Help, I am ItiA

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