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Getting off the 3rd Rock

Letter from ItiA

Start Building!  Look, 99% of what Christianity says is wrong.  The 1% that is valuable to us is the fact that the bible tells of calamities that happen when the earth goes through some of its typical cycles.  Since the cycles may be 15,000 or 30,000 years apart, we know nothing of the severity or how to react in those times.

The logical reaction to ANYONE who understands that they are living on the outer crust of a planet that constantly recycles its outer crust would be moving as quickly as possible to make sure that all the people living on the crust of that planet would be able to escape should the planet go through one of its violent cycles during our lifetimes.

Why aren’t we building?  Simple.  Most people believe the world is ending, that a god is coming back, and that there is nothing we can do about it.  They all have a defeatist attitude that is going to get the rest of us killed.

Ignore their folktales and their superstitions.  Start building to make humans mobile at least to the point of transportation between planets in our solar system.  Only then will we have a great chance of surviving the next violent cycle on earth.  Once we are free from our bondage to this earth, our culture will be in much better shape.  The gods of this earth will no longer have their strangle hold on our evolution.

Living with the faith that the world is going to end and that billions of people are going to a lake of fire is just insane.

Help, I am ItiA

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