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Influx of soldiers after a war

Letter from ItiA

There is an invisible line that you cross when you take a life.  You are making the decision to end someone’s life.  Once you cross that line you are forever changed.  You immediately realize the fragility of life and how easy it is to take their life from them.  From 500 yards we can simply pull a trigger and watch their head explode.

Murder is the act of taking someone’s life from them against their will.  Even if that person is attacking you, once they are dead, the truth of life and death rush immediately to your conscious brain.  You are changed forever.  Not sanctity of life, only chaos.  No meaning to honor or pride, just one life taking another.  In battle it is simply one murderous intention victorious over another murderous intention.  The damage to the emotional stability of the murderer is forever tainted.  Worse than any scarlet letter or brand of slavery, the scar of murder causes more personal damage to the killer than any other label imaginable.

As a culture we have cut out as many areas as possible to make murder socially acceptable.  Our current ethical standards allow us to murder under the following situations:

1)       A person is attacking us.

2)      A person is a member of a culture with a different religion

3)      A person is a member of a society that has some natural resources that we want to control

Under this set of ethics founded by the George Bush presidency, we have succeeded in killing over 1 million people in the Middle East over the last 10 years.  If you use an average of 3 kills per soldier, that means that we have 333,333 members of our military returning to our country who have crossed that line.  There is little difference in circumstances when it comes to the emotional damage you do to yourself when you take another human being’s life.  This isn’t about justification or criminalization; this is about post traumatic stress disorder and other post war mental and emotional injuries.

NO ONE EVER TELLS ANYONE ELSE ABOUT WHAT KILLING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING HAS DONE TO THEM.  Everyone who has taken a life lies about what is going on inside them.  They will tell you that you cannot relate because you have not watched someone die at your hands.  Well if it changed you enough so that you and I cannot communicate about it, then it changed you drastically.

Now they are going to come back and live among us.  It is going to affect our society in ways you have never imagined.  The last time this happened, after World War II, the American men had so much guilt that they raised a generation of spoiled brats called the Baby Boomers.  I can only imagine the impact of this influx of men and women who crossed the line.  (No disrespect to soldiers.  I know you only did it for a paycheck, and that without that job your family would have gone hungry.  The truth about your altered state, though, is undeniable.)

Help, I am ItiA

  1. March 10, 2010 at 2:56 am

    Hmm that’s very interessting but actually i have a hard time understanding it… wonder what others have to say..

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