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DDT and Atrazine

Letter from ItiA

Atrazine.  Its America’s weed killer!  We used to use a chemical called DDT, but once we found it had an immediate impact on animal life, we banned its use in 1973.  Sounds like we did the right thing, right?


DDT never went away.  U.S. companies still sold it after the ban, and eventually moved outside the United States so that they could still manufacture and sell it globally.  Everyone celebrated the supposed solution to the problem of DDT, but it was all smoke and mirrors.  DDT is still used today in several countries for agriculture and in many more for malaria control.

In addition to selling DDT globally, U.S. companies quickly replaced DDT with a supposedly new and similar poison.  The name is Atrazine.  It is a powerful herbicide that has been used on a large scale basis ever since DDT was banned.   The truth, however is that Atrazine was not new.  It was approved back in 1959, and even though studies ever since have shown it to cause cancer and damage wildlife, no government agency has stepped forward to curb the usage.

The key here is that EVEN WHEN ENVIRONMENTALISTS WIN, they end up losing.  Corporations are just too powerful and focused on profit to ever be hindered in any substantial way by environmentalists under our current 2 party government.  When DDT lost, corporations did not lose, they simply changed to another existing poison that had not been tested as fully as DDT.

A 2010 study shows that Atrazine damages the sexual organs of frogs at only 2.5 parts per billion.  (The current EPA standard is 3.0 parts per billion.)  Frogs actually have their genitals chemically damaged at 2.5 parts per billion to the point at which they cannot reproduce.  Imagine what the 100 parts per billion which falls on the American Midwest during annual rainfall is doing to the people who live there.

America is in 100% competition for every consumable item on the planet.  The long term affects and damage to our planet are not part of the consideration for that competition.  Anyone who slows to consider the consequences, in our extreme capitalism, loses the deal.  In other words….if you care in America it will cost you everything.  If you don’t care, and want to get rich, start selling the poisons that America produces without ethics.  You will make millions.

Help, I am ItiA

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