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Jobs Saturation Point

Letter from ItiA

America has hit a saturation point for jobs.  The system of capitalism we have in combination with the current level of automation has created an impossibility of full employment.

In our system of capitalism the only motivations for hiring employees is profit.  The government can stimulate hiring more people by giving tax breaks to corporations that essentially pay the wage of that newly hired person, but the actual need for that person does not exist.  As soon as the tax benefits dry up, the person loses their job.  There are two glaring pieces of evidence to support this statement.

1)       Most American jobs today are sitting in a cubicle, checking work that others should have already done correctly, or manually doing tasks that were automated back in the 1970’s.

2)      American companies can, and have, laid off 20 or 30% of their workforce without any negative impact on gross revenues.

All current American jobs programs are seeking to put more Americans back into the worthless, non-productive jobs.  There is no discussion or emphasis on the fact that they Ponzi scheme of American capitalism has reached it’s peak and there is no turning back.  American wealth distribution has hit an all time low.  The recent recession has impacted the numbers significantly.  We will not see the actual impact for a few years until the government deems it safe to release the information.  The truth is that the weathiest Americans were not affected by the recession.  As the Wall Street Journal reported , “The wealth of American families plunged nearly 18% in 2008”.  What they didn’t know is that the 18% is actually an artificially low number.  The wealth of the richest Americans increased, while the wealth of the middle class was actually hit by more than 50%.

So America is now in a current situation where the wealthiest Americans no longer need the workers to generate revenue.  We also face the fact that our past efforts at creating jobs, where no workers were needed, has left us with a largely unskilled workforce.  We are over 50 trillion dollars in debt (Pay attention to the dollars in circulation, not the fake national debt number), with no skilled workers, and a world that has caught up with our business technology advantage.

Why aren’t Americans more afraid of their current situation?  Because Americans still know that they are the best at one thing, and they believe that the one thing we are best at will lead us to glorious future.   WAR.

Help, I am in ItiA

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