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Healthcare and American Bankruptcy

Letter from ItiA

I have had a difficult time explaining health care to Americans.  Their concept of competition for even the basic necessity of caring for another human being is beyond comprehension.  Republicans would rather have their countrymen die from lack of care than to stop the flow of cash to the rich health care providers.  Democrats want everyone to pay for the healthcare of others under the current for-profit medical industry.

The human body is no different than a house.  Eventually it will fall down simply due to the extreme recycling nature of our planet.  The only thing a human can hope for is a couple of coats of paint to make them look a little better before they are condemned to death from the breakdown of the DNA.  As we grow older, the ends of our DNA strands start to fray.  The replicated DNA strands are not complete so we get saggy skin, hardening organs, and less oxygen carrying capabilities of the blood.  Some day we may be able to prohibit the unraveling of our DNA strands and lengthen our lives significantly, but for now, pain relief, removal of mutated masses of cells from our body, and a few beautification processes is all we have.

Knowing that, how important is health care?  I truly want those who are currently without care to get the care they need to make life less painful, and make death less traumatic, but to do so within a for-profit structure is simply insane.  When left with the choices of no health care, or health care that creates more debt for America, Democrats chose the path of human compassion over intelligence and Republicans chose pain and suffering for the citizens of our country.  Neither answer is good.

Oh, by the way, the thought that a country that is over 50 trillion dollars in debt will go broke because of additional health care costs is complete foolishness.  With only 2.5 trillion dollars in annual collected taxes,  a annual gross domestic product of under 10 trillion and 50 trillion in debt, we are already bankrupt. America is like a consumer that has not paid on their car loan for 4 or 5 months.  We are simply waiting, without hope, for the repo man to come and take our car away.  (Money is a debt instrument. True debt of America is measured by how many dollars are in circulation.  We currently have nearly 50 trillion dollars issued by our government.  We owe and pay interest on all of it)

Help, I am ItiA

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