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From the garden to the wilderness

Letter From Itia

When our ancestors were “kicked out” of the garden of eden, it is said that they were cast out into the wilderness.  This is 100% true.  When our ancestors were forced to leave the garden of eden, they were indeed “kicked out into the wilderness”.

You can see the actual location of the garden of eden in my previous blogs.  The location is just south of the Persian Gulf.  As the waters rose at the end of the last ice age, they rose much faster than the plant life could.  The lush four river garden of eden was now 140 meters under water and the waters edge now was just desert.  When waters rise faster than plant life can move, the waters edge changes from a lush grassland and forest to a desert.  Nothing supernatural happened, nothing mystical, just natural on this planet after ice ages end.  The water rises quickly and millions of species of plants die.  The water’s edge was once full of life, and now it was desolate.  The plants and most animals were gone.

The people living upstream on the Euprhates and Tigris (which flowed parallel down the valley that is now filled with the Persian Gulf) moved upstream and were forced into conflict with the northern river communities.  The “adam and eve” community that lived in the garden of eden had little or no chance to overtake the stronger communities to the north, those communities were already at war with the other communities heading north.  The sea was rising quickly.  Every day the water would encroach on their nightly camps.  Looking at the topology of the area, this early group of humans probably walked through Oman and Saudi Arabia, away from the wars along the rivers, but deep in the wilderness.

You have to remember that northern Africa at that time looked much like the United States looks today.  Lots of lakes and rivers that were nearing the end of their lives.  About 5000 years before that the rains that fell on northern Africa every year stopped.  The lakes and rivers began to dry and desert started to appear everywhere in the area.  These areas were not devoid of vegetation , but they were wilderness areas where the land was in change from grasslands to desert.  This is the wilderness that the bible talks about.  No god forcing our ancestors into a desert.  It was simply rising sea levels that destroyed everything that our ancestors were used to in their lives.  Their whole world was changing.

As the waters rose and began to backfill the Persian Gulf, this human tribe found itself trapped at what is modern day United Arab Emerates.  The new Persian Gulf separated them from the other inhabitants of the garden of eden area that were forced into the mountains of southern Iran.  The bible ancestors became nomadic due to the low amount of fresh water and mainly grasslands of Saudi Arabia.

They wandered these lands  until the next huge water event, the flood.


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