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The U.S. demands China devaluate its currency


Have you ever noticed that the preachers who preach against marriage infidelity are almost always the ones who have been sleeping with people other than their life partner?  This is not just a religious phenomena, it happens in all businesses, cultures and government.  Those who say they are true lovers of peace are usually the first to sign up for war.  Those who say they are honest businessmen are usually the first to steal money from a project.  Every woman knows that flowers, which are the symbol of love and beauty are usually the apology offering of guilt by a man.

Today in the United States, Congress is trying to get laws passed that will try to force China to take its currency off of a fixed valuation and put it with the rest of the “floating currency” in the world market.  In other words our Congress is trying to force China to act against the good of its own people.

Just like the preacher, who is cheating on their spouse, and speaking out against adultery in the pulpit, the U.S. government which has been stealing from its citizens since 1913, is speaking out against China.  The U.S. government knows that you do not realize that the Federal Reserve has devalued the U.S. dollar over 90% since 1913.  The U.S. government also knows that you know nothing of your own countries independence fight.  We did not rebel against England because of a tax on tea.  How stupid are you to believe that?  We rebelled against England because the King of England was demanding that we only use their currency, and never control our own finances.

The only way this type of law could be put to the vote in Congress is if the Federal Reserve was controlling our public servants.  Well they are.   Want to know them by name?  Sen. Sherrod Brown, Sen. Charles Schumer, Sen. Sam Brownback, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Brown, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, all stepped forward to demand that the Chinese public gives a percentage of their wealth to the Federal Reserve.  By devaluing the Chinese Yuan (currency) by 10%, a Chinese citizen who has saved a thousand dollars, now has only saved 900 dollars.

No matter how hard they try to spin it, that is theft.  Thank you Senators for stepping forward to admit you are thieves.  Raping our country was not enough for you, you had to go and try to rape the rest of the world.

A bit of positive news for the world.  This is the act of a desperate country.  To request the devaluation of another countries currency is like asking for strokes in golf, or pins in bowling.  You are in essence admitting you are not equal to them and need their help to make it competitive.  What is America’s response if China says no?  Simple.  In America, those who cannot compete, cheat.

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