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The Flood and Noah

Letter From Itia

The great flood.  Once everyone understood it to be an impossible story, it was moved from theoretical to insane.  (The fact that all the surface of the earth was underwater some 5000 years ago can be proven to be false.  We know of every water line created by every major water event.  We also know the areas that have never experienced and underwater event.),   From the scientific perspective, completely discounting the flood story was a mistake.  We have to stop looking at our religious and superstitious tainted history as completely false.  The old stories of horrible tragedies, violent wars, and primitive laws make for very uncomfortable reading, but there are important historical facts buried in all the horror.

The story of the flood is not a factual account of the drowning of the world, but rather the story of a great flood that took away the primitive world of our ancestors 5000 years ago.  I have spoken in previous blogs about the location of the garden of Eden and the migration of that tribe of humans into Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  The Islamic Koran has many locations of the early activities of the Hebrews/Jews from the time of Noah to the time of Jesus pinpointed geographically.  Match these with the early Jewish record of the of their travels and you have a pretty good migration record of that tribe.  Because as a society we still fight the battles of one religion against another, we have been mentally blocked from examining the scientific information from both religions to find the answers to some of our ancestors.  Because of religious intolerance we pit one superstition against another instead of seeing them both as they should be seen, inaccurate historical documents of some significance.

Modern scientists are looking around the Black Sea at the evidence of the deluge of water flooding in from the Mediterranean sea to the black sea.  At that time the black sea was a lake and full of fresh water.  The deluge of water that went over what is currently dry land from the Mediterranean sea to the black sea gives us a good idea of the height of the surge.

I don’t believe that the Hebrews/Jews had migrated to the Black Sea for the same reason that they did not migrate to Iran at the time of the original flood.  They were blocked by water.  They had become shepherds and lived in the disappearing grasslands of Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  If you want to find evidence of the flood, look south.

If you look at the northern Syria, you can see where the same flood that changed a lake into the Black Sea, also swept down through Syria, through Iraq, into the Persian Gulf.  This flood changed the landscape so dramatically that it is still recognizable from satellite photographs.

The location of Noah's Flood

The location of the biblical flood of Noah

So the tribe of Adam and Eve lived through the same disaster as every other culture in globally at that time.  Their experience was more dramatic because they literally had their entire world washed away to the Persian Gulf.  Their experience would have been much more devastating than the farmers around the lake (Black Sea) that was flooding with water from the Mediterranean Sea.  The tribe of Adam and Eve would have experienced huge surge walls of debris and water speeds that were faster than a human could run.  It devastated the tribe, just as it was written in the Bible.

They had no ambitions but to build their community back up.  They picked up the pieces and lived off sheep and other grassland animals for the next thousand years until they stumbled on Egypt.


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