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Healthcare Bill Simplified

Letter from Itia

The pressure is increasing in all the halls of Congress.  Rhetoric is peaking.  Anger is spilling over.  Harsh words are being spoken, threats are being levied against our leaders.   Washington is a mess. After a year of discussion and writing we have ended up with a divided nation and a bill that is wordier than the Bible.

Here is the simplified version:

Democrats want to put handcuffs on capitalism when it comes to health care.

Republicans are fighting to keep open market competition in the health care industry.

That’s it.  Nothing more.  All the B.S. that you hear on a daily basis is politics.  Politics that is trying every tactic to push their agenda on you.  I don’t think you will find a single person who thinks that Democrats can hold a candle to the Republican methods of propaganda.  The evidence of this is the decibel level and quantity of rhetoric that is reaching your television set.  The voices you are hearing are primarily Republican.

Letters From ItiA is a solution based blog.  We try to give you common sense answers to the problems we face instead of the insane babel that comes from your television set.  Here is the solution to the healthcare debate.

Capitalism when it comes to things you want is a very good and healthy thing for society.  Capitalism, when it comes to things you need is a very unhealthy thing for society.  Competition for food is nothing short of cruel.  Competition for a 100 year old bottle of wine can actually help motivate our society.  Work hard for the things you want, but make sure that everyone has what they need to live.

Here are the five things that should be human rights, but are arenas of competition for Americans.

1)  food / water

2)  healthcare

3) shelter/clothing

4) transportation

5) communication

Once human beings are given the 5 human rights, capitalism and democracy can flourish in a healthy way.  (Pun intended)

Help, I am ItiA

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