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When the Hebrews / Jews found Egypt

Letter From ItiA

So the Jews/Hebrews have been shepherds for generations.  They have migrated from the Persian Gulf basin, across Saudi Arabia as the grasslands were changing to desert, to the Mediterranean sea.  They knew the land to the east was a wasteland from the flood, so when times got rough in their new location they headed west until they reached the gateway of the Nile.  After generations of searching for a land that offered consistent grasslands, fresh water fishing, and great wildlife to feast on, after so many years of having so little they now found abundance.

As was custom in those days, a new place to settle was always scouted.  That is when the first scouts heard of the Egyptian Empire.  Not only was the Egyptian Empire a dozen generations ahead of the Jews in technology, but they were also socially more advanced.  They allowed traders and visitors into the city.  The Jews were free to not only visit this advanced city, they were also free to taste its culture.

The Egyptians were proud of their circumcised penises.  When the Jewish men were rejected by the Egyptian women due to their uncircumcised penis’, Abraham promptly told the whole clan that god told him to have everyone’s penis’ circumcised.  The Jews continued to visit the cities until at one point they chose to live within the protection of the Egyptian Empire as its slaves.  Over the next 400 years the Jews learned and became equally advanced as the Egyptians in technology, although still holding on to many of its primitive cultural beliefs.

The end of that 400 years is the time of Moses, the biblical event that took the Jews from Egypt, back to the land that they came from 400 years before.  Their ancestors had seen Canaan, but they were just a few scattered nomads and were no match for the cultures that already populated that area.  After 400 years in Egypt, they were no longer a few nomadic people, but a strong society for that time.  Instead of dozens of soliders, the Hebrews now had thousands.  Canaan was their goal.  They were not content with wandering the grasslands anymore.  Canann was a place with plenty of fresh water, plenty of fish, and out of the way of the major empires.


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