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Anna Nicole Smith’s Award Overturned

In the latest news from American Courts, the verdict that awarded the legal spouse of Mr. Marshall, a Texas billionaire, has been overturned.  Anna Nicole Smith died in 2008 of a overdose.  At the time of her death, the settlement was made, but the estate for Mr. Marshall never paid a dime of that settlement to her or her estate.

Anna Nicole Smith was the legal spouse of Mr. Marshall and the only defense was that Mr. Marshall was insane.  In our court system, the Marshall Estate was able to delay all payments until they found a court that supported their claim.  No other argument was used in this case.  Simply money vs. what is legal and right.  (Not that I agree with how she did it, but our laws on this are clear)

If you believe in the current justice system in the United States, then this should be a wake up call.  This is a prime example of time and money being the engine behind our justice system.  If you are rich enough, you can simply continue delaying a result for as long as you need.

The laws of the United States are clear on spousal support and property.  Whether you like the path that Anna Nicole Smith took to obtain the fortune that was due her, or not, is unimportant.  The key issue is that any law in the United States can be perverted for or against you if you have money.

The Marshall Estate had complete control over all of the money.  They would have spent every last dime of it before they handed it over to Ms. Smith.

In the end, everyone died, the lawyers made tens of millions, and we as a country moved one giant step further from the concept of justice. 

We live in the time of capitalistic courts.

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