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Northern Africa was once a twin of the U.S.A.

Letter from ItiA

Northern Africa holds the secret to the future of the United States.

As recently as 10,000 BC, Northern Africa was a twin of the current United States.  A huge “great lake” system of lakes, lots of rivers, streams, forests and grasslands.  This was the centerpiece of the development of the human race.  Our numbers were growing quickly, our technology was also advancing.  We were learning how to control some of nature’s basic forces.  We could re-direct water in the form of canals, build huge monuments and buildings, and even create fortified cities.

The reason for the demise of Northern Africa is the same reason we face our demise today.  The earth is ever changing.  Forget the concept of global warming, or superstitions about the end of the world.  The fact is that America is at the end of a long period of stability and natural resources, and entering into a period of rapid change in the environment.

The landmass you see today are going to be completely different in a very short period of time.  The only scientific question is when.  There are at least 10 variables in global chemistry and global physics like the Jet Stream, Ocean currents, trapped methane, airborne particulates, Carbon dioxide, etc.  Each one can independently change the United States in a more dramatic fashion than we have ever seen.  (The same is true for any number of combinations of these variables.)  It’s not a matter of if it will happen, it is a matter of when and how much damage will be caused.

We have all heard the events that could happen, but what will the United States look like after it is over?

Well, if you look at the history of this continent, a change in the mechanics of the earth is usually followed by a mini ice age covering the northern half of the country.  However, if it is just a weather pattern change and not a full force backlash from global warming, then we will possibly end up looking very much like Northern Africa.   America will be dry and desolate, not the bounty of natural abundance it is today.  If our country still exists it will be heavily populated in the far west, far east and extreme southern boundaries of our country.  The middle, our breadbasket, will simply be an expansive desert with little water to be found anywhere.

If you look at Northern Africa and the Middle East, that is exactly what you see today.  Our best hope is that technology will solve the basic need of finding water and allow us to generate our own in sufficient amounts to raise food, but we are not able to focus on these goals as a nation.  Just like the frog in the frying pan, our eyes will not open until we are fully cooked.

Living in ItiA

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