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The evolution of business


Business.  If there ever was an 800 pound gorilla in the room, its business.  Business can be accurately described as an organism in its own right.  Obviously, it is a parasite living on the human species, but what may surprise you is that business has its own evolutionary tree.

Before business, there was only the gift.  This was a time in human evolution where nature provided 100% of the needs of our primitive existence.  As a human you really had nothing of value.  The arrowheads and spear tips you created were nice, but everyone could do it themselves.

The first business transaction was a barter.  One person did not really want to give up something they created, but were willing to trade it for something someone else had created.  I always liked the example of bartering in the movie Dances With Wolves.  The native American found the soldiers hat on the ground after a buffalo hunt and took ownership of it.  When Kevin Costner asked for his hat back the native American refused, but to compromise, the native American gave Kevin Costner a peace pipe.  Not a perfect situation by any means, but a good way to handle the occasional dispute of ownership.

Then came the human fascination with gold.  I really have no idea why it became so popular.  I guess it just came to be that those who wore gold were the powerful and those who did not were the weak.  In natural human competition, the desire for gold escalated until it became the dominant global currency.  It is important to see that with gold as a common currency, a person was not longer limited to power by ownership of specific items, but could amass as much power as gold they could accumulate.  Now the wealthy could appeal to anyone.  They could “buy” anything.  Gold bought armies.  Gold bought ships.  Gold bought the excitement of endless possibilities.

This is when war became “profitable”.  Since gold was the common source of wealth and power, attacking a country that possessed gold, or even better gold mines, was now a pursuit of everyone who wanted to better themselves.  If they were wealthy already, the simply hired armies to win the gold they desired.  If they were not wealthy, they became pirates or thugs to gain enough gold to buy their won armies.  Thus the organism business changed the entire meaning of life for humans.  Now they were all slaves to business, either as a people conquered by an army bought by gold, or as a country consuming its neighbors wealth through war.

As time progressed and business continued to evolve faster than human beings, more and more the humans became dependent on business for their survival.  They could no longer feed themselves, keep themselves healthy, or create their own homes.  Everything depended on business to make it for them.

The final straw in the demise of the human race was when science, technology, and common sense all were lost to business.  It was at this point that humanity was no longer a race, but simply an existence for the sole benefit of business.  All scientific discoveries, technology innovations, and voices of common sense were packaged and sold as commodities in the vicious circle of commerce, and no longer to the benefit of humanity.  ItiA

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