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Engineering has always been at the forefront of the evolution of human beings.  Students of Engineering would study under the engineers actually building our future.  In the process of being the understudy they were exposed not only to the theories of the day, but also the day to day challenges and key points of constructing modern facilities.  These engineers were obsessive about their life’s pursuit.  They formed peer groups before there was even a dependable mail system.  They formed societies and built their own buildings to house their knowledge.

What happened?  Where did these engineers go?  Today we have young people learning from books written by people who have never actually constructed the things they are teaching.  Today we have standardized building codes that make engineering a “plug and play” degree.  The math taught in Engineering Schools around the United States is simply to weed out those who are not good at math from the Engineering program.

I myself was on the opposite spectrum.  I knew the math, but did not understand the core classes.  The classes were basic static and dynamic physics with a little chemistry tossed into the mix.  No chance whatsoever for a quality education in that system.  American Colleges and Universities are churning out worthless Engineers.  People who can just operate some software, but not really build anything.  Today when a building is dedicated, the actual engineers who built it are nowhere to be found.  Only the desk jockeys with the Engineering degrees, who never actually built a single part of the project, are there to collect the prizes for the construction.

If America had true engineers, we would not be living in brick and stick houses.  We would not have Freon compressors for air conditioners, we would not have gas hot water heaters, we would not have keyed locking systems.  These are all relics of our ancestors.  This is not modern technology.  This is not engineering.  We live in a society that is still reproducing 1920’s living spaces with new color combinations to show it is new.

The concept, theory and implementation of Engineering Schools in America are a complete failure.  Before we can hope to evolve into better living spaces, more efficient transportation and environmental control, and the creation of an “off-grid” society will not happen until we replace the broken programs with a real Engineering education.

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