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Contact Ebay Support

Don’t waste your time entering a real question into the “ask a question” field when trying to contact EBay Customer Support.  It doesn’t work.  You will enter the endless loop of the EBay dungeon known as customer service.  Believe me, you will NEVER get the question right unless you know the secret password.

Enter  the word   “register” into the “ask a question” field.   This will give you an immediate phone number to call for support.

In other words, the force you to lie to get support.  As soon as you tell them that you want to be a new customer they are right there to help you.

Interesting side note:   For everyone who thinks that the world would be better off if all CEO’s were women, EBay is a case study of the error in that thinking.  The desire to purposefully cause customers undue stress if you are a monopoly is true for male and female CEO’s.

Meg Whitman was the female CEO of EBay until 2007.  This is her policy.

John Donahoe is now the CEO of EBay and he has kept the sick policy in place.

Ebay is truly cruel to its customers.  They seem to get a twisted pleasure from making you go around in an endless loop.  It has been like this for years, so don’t expect a change any time soon.  EBay is a monopoly, and they purchased the only payment company that is set up for EBay (Paypal), so they have a monopoly on payment methods as well.

Welcome to Republican America where businesses are the slave masters and American citizens are the slaves.

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