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Healthcare law already in legal battle : Special Report

Seven minutes after the Healthcare Bill HR 3590 was signed into law, multiple states and political interest groups filed law suits to challenge any potential weakness.  This is just a start to the process of people vs. corporations.  In the end, and without a doubt, the corporations will win.

The first hint that American corporations were not going to let the American Government pass a compassionate and caring health care bill was the election of  Scott Brown.  Look no further than his list of corporate backers :  JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Capital One, Fidelity Investments, Barclays Capital, State Street Corp., Morgan Stanley and Prudential Investments.  No one can intelligently argue that  Scott Brown is a not a puppet of HUGE corporate money.

The only reason they backed Scott Brown is because they felt that he was the answer to blocking the Healthcare Bill. Consider this.  With their money and their understanding of marketing, they were able to sway a firm Democratic stronghold with pure lies and speculation.  It is no longer an issue of which Congressional seat can be bought by big business, but which Congressional seats they want to buy.  Their marketing techniques can as one old American saying goes, “could sell ice to Eskimos”.  The American voter does not have the mental capacity, the education, or the independent thought process to discern truth from lies in advertising.

Only by the brilliant us of “The Reconciliation Legislative Process” did the Democrats block the large corporations from killing the Healthcare Bill before it became law.  From a business perspective, the Healthcare Law will cost insurance companies billions of dollars in lost profits.  It only took 6 million to fool the citizens of Massachusetts.  Now simply multiply that by the 435 seats in Congress, and you have the approximate investment in this November’s elections by the banking interests listed above.

This is why Republicans are so happy now, even though they lost the vote.  They are going to get to spend over a billion dollars this fall in their high-tech marketing campaigns to fool Americans into voting for the big corporations. These same corporations have reacted like clockwork to every voter revolt since 1913 when they first gained control of our money through the establishment of the Federal Reserve.  Same companies, same plan, same outcome.

So congratulations to the Democrats for showing that there is caring and compassion in Washington.  Congratulations to the Republicans for gaining the huge war chest for the next elections, and congratulations to the corporations for proving that your century old model of American control still works.

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