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Avatar : James Cameron : What you didn’t know

Avatar : The genius of James Cameron

The movie Avatar was a work of genius that will go down in history as the first blockbuster American movie that not only included facets of societies from India, Africa, and Native Americans in a positive light, but also showed the defeat of the American Marines in battle.  His brilliance is the fact that he did it in such a way that we very opinionated, and easily angered, Americans did not even notice.

Here are just some of the political, social, and cultural reference and seductions that were included in Avatar that you may not know.

1)       Avatar:  Americans link it to their computer self portraits, but the word has a very specific and purposeful meaning to the people of India.  Avatar means reincarnation.  In this choice of titles, James Cameron was able to attract the top two grossing movie audiences with a single title.

2)      Blue:  The Avatars were blue.  This is a color of pride for Americans, but it also refers to the Hindu God Krishna, who professed reincarnation and had blue skin.

3)      African Dialects:  Nigeria has the #3 grossing movie production industry in the world.  The use of African accents brought acceptance from the African Movie going public

4)      Environmentalism:  The overall plot pitted the indigenous people who were environmentalists against the American invaders who were rapists of natural resources.

5)      World Opinion is currently negative towards America.  A movie that is accepted by Americans, but at the same time shows the defeat of the American Maries, which is a dream of many cultures outside of America.

6)      American Indians:  Avatar held the theme of the tribes, killing natives for mineral rights, and the rally of the tribes (plain tribes, coastal tribes, forest tribes, similar to the divisions of Native American groups), not to mention the war cries and the religion of  “being one with nature”.

Reviews call the movie cliché, but that is exactly how James Cameron made it all work so well.  If the critics were impressed with the message, then the movie would have offended many Americans.  The evidence will show a brilliant mind leveraging as many cultures, religions, and ideologies as possible to make the world’s largest grossing movie ever.  He wove together many positive messages, light beams of truths of our time, and vindication for so many cultures that have been abused by the Western world.  To do this within the Hollywood industrial complex, within corporate run America is truly remarkable.  This kind of genius and integration of a positive global message in the face of a nationalistic, expansionistic country (as America is today) makes James Cameron this generations Bard.  Avatar released in the current political and civil unrest in America is like publishing Schindler’s List or Saving Private Ryan in the middle of World War II.

Thank you Mr. Cameron.


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