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The Front Room is the new Back Room

An amazing thing has happened in the United States over the past 10 years.  Much in the same way that an Alcoholic or drug addict will begin drinking or taking drugs in front of you after you are aware of their bad habit, the U.S. government has stopped hiding their perversions of Democracy.  Investigations and inquiries seem to have little effect in forcing poor or illegal behavior to the back room.  The current representatives / criminals in Washington are acting completely without ethics or morals, and they are nowhere near acting in a legal manner, but they are not being prosecuted.  They make sure their acts are just on the edge of prosecution.  When they cross over the line, and risk prosecution, they simply pull out their pocketbooks and pay their way out of the jam.

The days of Nixon and Watergate are far behind us.  The days of covert, “black Op”, or the taking of bribes are over.  Instead of hiding their activities, the U.S. representatives now hide in loopholes that they themselves created.  In what has to be the single greatest example of conflict of interest, the United States Congress has enacted laws that allow them to openly trade business favors for campaign financing, openly vote against the wishes of the people they represent in exchange for contract and money for their business partners, and openly block businesses in their individual states to the benefit of other businesses who they are in partnership.

The example I posted yesterday about solar energy, John McCain and Arizona is just one example.  We are in the gold rush of political thievery.  The Bush presidency was the most profitable political office in the history of our world.  The Bush family and the Cheney family are now part of the super elite.  They will never suffer for money again for generations to come.  During the first Iraq war, Bush Sr. gained a 50 year exclusive contract on Saudi Oil.  During the Second Iraq War, Bush Jr. gained free access to all of Iraq’s oil (and is still stealing it by the boat load).

So how did they come out of the back room and not get put into jail?  Simple.  The American public is consumed with internal conflicts.  The idea of majority rule no longer applies.  Republicans, are a “win at all costs”, political party.   They do not have the ability to accept a majority rule if it is not their rule.  In their eyes, Democracy is not a valid form of government if they are not the ruling party.  When part of a democratic society is not willing to live under majority rule, the democracy ends and the civil war of words begin.  That is the current state of America, and under the noise of the civil war of words, the government officials are stealing to their hearts desire.

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