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The Sugar Wars : Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

The Sugar Wars

Jamie Oliver is hosting a new show in America called Food Revolution.  He is uncovering some of the dirty secrets about the American consumer foods industry.  While Jamie is attempting to save lives through healthier eating habits, he might not know that he is also working to reduce violence in America.

I interviewed a former manager of the Sunrise Mountain Juvenile Detention Center in Arizona.  We were talking about the behavior of the teenagers in the facility.   The Detention Centers have a different method for determining the food intake of the individuals at the center.  Instead of the pressures of budgetary dollars and of school food suppliers, the detention center is focused exclusively on avoiding violence in the center.

The management of the detention center is fully aware of the effect of processed foods with high sugar and empty calories on the kids in the center.  They regularly feed foods that are simple and whole.  They avoid processed sugars from items like soft drinks, flavored milks, and the hydrogenated fats of fast foods.  The example they gave me of what happens when the kids DO ingest these foods was holidays and birthdays.  In traditional American fashion, the detention center provided cakes and soft drinks on special holidays and birthdays of juveniles who were assigned to the facility.  At each occasion, within a few hours of ingesting the high fructose corn syrup and the hydrogenated fats, the kids would start fighting.  According to Anna, the fight was 100% guaranteed to happen after the kids consumed the bad foods.  It was not a question of “if it would happen”, but “when it would happen”.

This response to the processed sugars and fats is not limited to kids or teenagers.  As a country we are witnessing an ever increasing level of rage and violence among citizens of every age.  All you have to do is visit any city capital to witness the unimaginable screaming and shouting by everyday Americans.  All you have to do is visit our military troops who are fed high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils as a way of making them better fighting machines.

So welcome to the age of the sugar wars.  Americans intake this poison and the world endures the brunt of the guaranteed response.  One theory is that the effect worsens with age.  The effects of the processed sugars and hydrogenated oils actually increase the violence and rage over time with continued consumption.  Watch out world.  The Americans may be slightly insane with their anger now, but wait a few decades to see the true wrath that our diets produce.   Our only hope is, that people like Jamie Oliver succeed with a food revolution.

Thanks Jamie, we need your help.

I am ItiA

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